Hey! I’m Yamini Blogger, Digital Marketer and Founder of bloggingpearl.com

My Career :

I completed my schooling at Nellore in 2010. I’m an engineering graduate (EEE) of Sastra University, Thanjavur. In the final year of my graduation in 2014, I got placement offer in the world-class company Accenture Services. After working as Manual Tester in Accenture for two years I quit my job in 2016 due to various reasons.

Towards Digital Marketing:

After quitting my job, I thought to move to a new environment and a new job which is exciting. One fine day, I have seen ads on Digital Marketing and that made search thoroughly on the topic.

At first, I’m not sure where to start and what to start, so I applied for Internship and thus met very good guys who are experienced in Digital Marketing. As I learned new concepts every-day, my interest has doubled and thus motivated me to start Blogging Pearl