Choosing the right web host for your website is more important than you think. The life of your website depends on the decision you make. Shared hosting is one of the most recommended types of hosting taking into the picture the various benefits it brings with it. Considering your ranking, Shared hosting can be a catalyst to boost your rankings, provided other factors are in place.

How does your Host play a Role in your Rankings?

If your search engine traffic plays a vital part in your website’s success, it’s important to take SEO into consideration while choosing a host. The web host would influence some factors that will either boost your ranking or make it difficult to be on top. In today’s time, your website’s ranking plays a great role for your business to boom.

Some factors to consider are-

  1. Website SpeedYour website has to load smoothly in order to have better rankings. Having your website load slowly will leave a negative impact on user experience, hence, leaving you with a low ranking. An important factor for Google ranking is website speed. If you have a host that slows down your website speed, a drop in the ranking is possible.
  2. Location of your data server crucial factor that plays a role in website speed is the location of the servers where your data is actually stored. Most web hosting companies offer various locations to choose from. One must choose a location closest to the server location of your website traffic. A data center location that is away from your users may impact the direct performance of your website.
  3. Site DowntimeGoogle focuses its algorithm on sites that value its visitor’s user experience. Therefore, one must choose a host that guarantees 99.99% uptime. However, site downtime is a normal process while hosting any website. If you have a user who lands on your website through the search engine, experiences the downtime, there’s a high chance he would not return. This might cause a drop in the ranking algorithm.
  4. High traffic maintenance
    Your host must be set to handle high traffic on your website. It’s common for a website to drop and go offline in the case of high traffic. However, if your package and host a fit, this could be handled. When the traffic gets back to normal, your web host can upgrade you to a higher package or scale up its resources.

Will a Shared Hosting package have negative impacts on SEO?

The impact of your host on your site depends on the kind of website hosting provider you’re with. For instance, a website with high performance shared hosting but low on optimization will have poor SEO ranking. While a site with great onsite SEO like caching, themes, image optimization and Content Delivery Network(CDN) will have a better search engine ranking. With a Shared hosting package, one can avoid any negative impacts of server locations or slow loading pages with the feature of CDN. Most hosting providers have their own CDN integrated. You can also upgrade your plan with the increasing traffic if your website ranking is declining. The hosting environment does have a direct impact, however, you should do everything in your power to keep your website up to mark. Shared hosting is good for your SEO ranking, provided you have a reliable web host.

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