Sometimes even after putting a lot of effort into creating quality content and making your website SEO optimized, you still find your website ranking behind your competitors in the search engine results.

Finally, it’s time for you to find the right solution to improve your website ranking and drive organic traffic. The best solution for this is using SEMrush tool.

SEMrush – SEO friendly tool:

SEMrush is simply called as a competitor analysis tool. It was started in 2008 and then became a favorite tool for all digital marketers.SEO experts recommend it to understand and analyze the business competitors located all around the world.

SEMrush helps the marketers to boost their marketing efforts and is a trusted tool for many companies.It has more than 1 million users, more than 800 million keywords, more than 100 geodatabases and more than 130 million domains.

Let’s now understand why SEMrush is trending and how it improves your rank over your competitors.

Semrush Review

SEMrush Benefits:

There are various advantages of SEMrush which makes it unique

SEMrush provides Keywords analysis tool, Keyword Difficulty tool, Position tracking tool, Link building tool, Brand Monitoring tool, social media tool, social media poster tool and content analysis tool

SEMrush gets its data from various search engine results saved in different geo-databases.It also helps to do good Keyword research and analysis.

You can collect and optimize keywords based on various metrics like CPC, Volume, difficulty. It shows the exact keywords that are driving high traffic to the website.

SEMrush has got new Automated Link Building Tool to get quality back-links, to find lost back-links and to remove toxic back-links that are affecting your website.

This tool makes the back-link profile look natural and SEO- friendly for search engines.In addition, it gives a detailed report on back-links i.e. both do-follow & no-follow links. So you can increase do-follow links to your site for better quality and rankings.

Backlink research tool

It helps in domain comparison tracking for different Organic, Paid and PLA keywords to reduce the gap. This is an amazing feature which shows your competitor position for your keywords.

You can also spy on the competitor ads with PLA (Product Listing Ads) research which give information on position and amount of competitor ads.

Furthermore, you can extract a detailed report on the thorough research and analysis performed. You can easily export reports in the form of Excel and CSV files.

These reports include phrase match report, SEO ideas, Site audit report, Anchor report etc. This helps to boost your SEO optimization.

Extra Features:

SEM provides site audit analysis to find hreflang errors and AMP implementation issues and helps to fix those issues easily. It does HTTPS checks to improve the website security. Hence, it improves the overall SEO optimization

SEMrush provides a content template with recommendations to your content on metadata and semantically related words. These recommendations are given after the thorough keyword research performed with various search engines.

Social media analysis gives an idea of the competitors’ engagement and growth in the social media sites like facebook, twitter, Instagram, youtube, google plus and LinkedIn. It helps to generate “ Audience report, Activity report, Mentions report and Mentioners report”

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SEMrush got a new tool for increasing social media presence and completes the workflow for social media marketers. With this Social media poster tool, you can create a post with social media content ideas.

Also, schedule the post for different time slots, create a queue for publishing a post at the same time on different platforms i.e. Facebook and Twitter.

SEO optimizaion

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How does SEMrush work:

Semrush is a keyword research tool. If you want to check on your competitor performance, then the best way is doing keyword research and analysis. SEMrush shows web-pages driving more traffic to a particular keyword. It analyzes both growing and dying keywords.

SEMrush recommends you with keywords that are collected from SERP’s top 10 analysis. This indirectly suggests you figure out the related keywords which you didn’t use.

So after doing thorough keyword research, try to build quality content on those keywords which are driving more traffic.

Analyze your competitors with SEMrush:

The various domain positions are shown in the reports for a particular keyword. Thus you can analyze where your website stands compared to your competitor website. You can even view these results generated for different search engines and different databases.

Thus you can know which keyword is driving more traffic from which country and from which search engine. This analysis helps the growth of global business targeting any particular geographic location.

SEMrush analytics guide helps to track the volume of traffic driven by the keywords and helps to built new keywords, thus focusing on organic traffic insights.

Semrush analytics

You can perform Brand Monitoring analysis by tracking the back-links which increase your SEO rankings and brand reputation. Back-links are very important to place the website top in the search rankings.

The more the number of back-links pointing to your website, more chances that your website is providing quality content and so search engines place it at the top-most in the search results.

You can perform back-link analysis for both your website and your competitor’s website. Getting back-links from trusted sources make the difference between you and your competitor rankings.

SEMrush competitor analysis helps you to find the areas where your competitors are growing and performing well, this saves you a lot of time and effort. You can even discover new organic competitors in your niche from various search engine results.

Competitor analysis

You can get the both On-Page and Off-page optimization ideas from SEMrush to make your website more optimized and it leads to good search engine rankings.

SEMrush inbuilt tools:

SEO Audit tool is the best tool SEMrush provides to check the performance related issues which are blocking website traffic. You can easily generate a detailed report on all the issues based on severity which is divided into three categories namely errors, warnings, and notices.

Detecting these issues makes the search robots to crawl the websites easily and also improves the user experience.

SEMrush’s sensor identifies if there are any changes in the Google Algorithms and generates the consistency report for analysis.

Keyword difficulty tool helps you to analyze how difficult to stand out of the competitors for the same keyword. This analysis is made from the top search results based on SEMrush rank and domain strength.

Keyword analysis

From this, you can target and focus on the lower difficult and low-competitive keywords in your niche to slowly improve your rankings but it require some effort and patience. Higher the difficulty percentage, higher is the competition for the keyword.

Semrush API helps in optimizing your website. You can integrate it easily with e-commerce platforms and CMS platforms like Magneto, Drupal, Prestashop, and others.You can make three types of requests i.e. lines, calls, and keywords via SEMrush API.

Line request is for uploading data from different reports. A Call request is for creating, updating and deleting a project. Keyword request is for adding new search terms in the keyword campaigns.To know more about how to use SEMrush API, check here the full API guide

Anchors are important to check if your website contains natural links or not. SEMrush anchor report gives the number of back-links with a particular anchor text, domains having these back-links, SEMrush crawler details etc.Check Anchor report for more details.

Brand monitoring tool

Advertising research:

SEMrush provides Advertising research which gathers information on the competitors’ keywords of the ads that drive more traffic in the paid search results. It also helps to analyze competitor keywords traffic, volume and cost-per-click bids.

So based on this, you can estimate your PPC campaigns with the perfect strategy to improve your performance and conversion rate.

You can also localize your ad campaign by analyzing keywords and ad-texts in over 100 countries and in more than 20 languages.

Video Advertising research helps to create effective video ad-campaigns to beat your competitor videos in the market. This campaign analyses the quality content and ads that are on the Youtube which attracts many viewers.

Thus by promoting good quality videos, you can expect high ROI from Youtube. You can also find ads history with Domain, ads traffic, ads traffic price and ads keywords that are driving more traffic.

PLA (Product Listing Ads) are the ads that get displayed on the search engines when a specified product which has online shopping website listing is searched. PLA research gives information on the competitor ads traffic and rankings for a particular keyword.

PLA research tool

Cons of using SEMrush:

  • It takes more time to give updates on back-links
  • It can’t guide you on which back-link you have to rank for certain keywords
  • SEMrush tool limits its Exports to only 10k
  • It shows only top 20 SERP results

SEMrush Plans & Packages:

  • Pro account is good for beginners with the limited budget. With SEMrush Pro account, you cannot get access to historical data and Product Listing ads features.
  • Guru account is recommended for those who are running SEO agencies and have more SEO clients. But SEMrush Guru account has access to all the Pro account features with historical data access. But you cannot use Product Listing ads feature.
  • With Business Plan, you can get access to all the features provided by SEMrush to its customers.

Semrush packages

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