As the number of smart-phone users increased in the recent years, it’s time that Google focused more on the mobile features and released Google Voice search to make its users close to technology. This new feature is available in all the smart-phones, tablets and Google virtual assistants like Google Home Device.

Since Google frequently updates its algorithm, search strategy changes every time. Hence very relevant search results are shown on the results page. As a result, it affects the search engine rankings and website traffic

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Google Latest Algorithm update – Mobilegeddon:

Mobilegeddon is the Google’s  recent algorithm update for mobile users to get a better user experience. Due to this update, mobile-friendly sites became popular. Now there are separate versions available for desktop and mobile device users. URL’s in the search engine results are shown in breadcrumb format for mobile searches.

First of all, if you are starting a new website, make a mobile-friendly website. Almost in all the areas where internet is available, people tend to search with mobiles compared to other sources as it is very handy.

Mobiles became part of our lives as we can carry to any place we go without restrictions. Hence, designing a website to target mobile traffic shows immediate results.You can check here if your website is mobile friendly or not.

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Google – My Business Listings:

Now it’s time to update your business details on Google My Business Listing directory for free. You can also update in Bing Places for business. When a customer search for the local services you are providing, then Google and Bing shows your business details to the customer.

Hence, your details should be very clear to the customer to take further action with a call to action feature. Also  Name, Business address and Phone number show up on the Google map for local searches if your business details are listed in the Local Directories.

Google My Business listing

Local searches became popular nowadays with mobiles. Your potential customers are moving around you without even knowing that your services are what exactly there are searching for. So the only things you need to do to update all the required details in the local directories and make your business website well optimized for smartphone searches.

Why Voice Search: 

Technology changes the lifestyle of the people. So when the voice search feature was introduced, people started trying it out for following reasons:

  • Feels like tech-savvy using new feature
  • Search results are found to be same for both text and voice search, so it’s obviously easy to go with voice command than written text
  • Takes less time for voice search rather than typing long tail keywords which are in mind
  • Comfort to search while driving
  • Also, voice search can be used for mobile operations creating better mobile experiences

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OK Google:

In smartphones, you can either use microphone or ‘OK Google’ for voice search. Open your Google app 4.0 or higher version and change the voice settings to turn ‘OK Google’ detection. After changing the desired settings you must say ‘OK Google’ a couple of time for it to activate and then it starts recognizing your voice commands.

Use ‘Always on’ to search with the voice even when your screen is locked. You can also navigate to search from your current screen with the voice command. Once you say ‘OK Google’ it recognizes that you want to search and immediately executes your command. Voice search feature helps

  • To change device settings
  • Setting alarms and reminders
  • Communicate with contacts
  • To open movie folders, gallery etc
  • Indicates directions during travel
  • Provides answers to queries (Ex: What is the exact time now?)
  • You can open preferred apps that work with ‘OK Google’ (Ex: Opening and sending WhatsApp message with voice command)

Ok Google

How Google Voice Search benefits Local Business:

Voice search is the future for all the searches due to advancement in technology. As we have seen above the new Google algorithm that suits smart-phone lovers and how to activate voice search feature. Now it’s time to discuss at a very important point on how voice search helps local business especially.

Let me explain with an example if you are driving in a new city and searching for bakery shops nearby you as you don’t know the exact place of the bakery shop. Here comes the best use of mobile with voice search feature. All you have to do is just tell ‘OK Google- What is the nearest bakery shop in ABC city with parking facility’.

It just takes 2-3 seconds to give the command and get the result. Google Voice concentrates more on the relevancy of the Keywords along with more reviews given by customers. On the other hand, Apple Siri concentrates more on Proximity.

So you never what the customer search for with what type of smart-phone. So, it’s recommended to optimize your website to satisfy the customers searching for Google Voice and Siri

Now when your website shows up in the search results, a customer can easily find your shop with the Google maps directions or he can even call the displayed phone number for any queries. These all happen to the customer even without touching his mobile and just by speaking few commands. This makes the ease of driving too.

Isn’t that seems to be a good experience for a driving customer to directly find a way to your shop without stopping anywhere on the road just to type the search keywords? Yes, it’s definitely comfortable even for me as I feel good to experience something like this.

How to Optimize website for local search:

Follow the below steps to optimize your website to rank top in search results

  • You should definitely mention your location, address, phone number and business working hours
  • Update Business View to let the customers know exactly how your business looks
  • Upload images and videos relevant to your services
  • Optimize your website content for long tail keywords that too very long keywords for voice search
  • Voice search keywords are like short sentences and think like your customer when he speaks to a friend. So more keywords research is needed for getting results in voice search.
  • Always try to get the customer feedback to show how they feel about your services.

Tech giants are really planning for something big and you can expect the voice search paid ads to show up in the search engine results. In addition to this, the business view with good visual map comes up with the results providing a visual look at all the local businesses in particular search location. This happens very soon due to Big Data and Augmented Reality. So business owners need to update themselves to face these upcoming challenges.

local business view

Privacy issues:

There are few privacy issues with voice search. After you activated voice search, it starts working after listening to ‘OK’ even in your daily conversations and you are actually not intended to search anything using this feature. It makes Ok Google record your words for few seconds without your intention. Even microphones are regularly switched to track your activities.

Google stores all these voice recordings of its millions of customers. If you use voice commands with your Gmail account logged in, then it can easily collect all your personal details. So there are chances that Google can use these details for advertisements and marketing by tracking your interests

You can check all the audio recordings done using your mobile and they are saved in Cloud. As these are accessed from anywhere in the world, data can be prone to malicious attacks.

You can control the data stored by Google with some changes in the settings to maintain your privacy in the digital world.

Even Apple stores the recordings from Siri for 18 months and then these recordings are anonymised by Apple to protect the data.

But these Tech giants say that they track the data for improving the performance of their virtual assistants by updating with user-friendly features.

Share with us your views and experiences with voice search feature by commenting below.


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