Social Media Marketing is an internet marketing where individuals, businesses, communities and organizations interact effectively and easily with one another online using various social networks.

SMM is essential for any business to create a brand among the customers and increase the brand value with the help of social shares. Customer reviews and shares create the most valuable brand in the market.

So it’s good to create a large community of potential customers by actively engaging in social media. You can also integrate social media into business with Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Pinterest Marketing, Email Marketing, Google Plus Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing and Video Marketing services

Integrated Social media strategy

Integrated social media marketing strategy:

Let’s now see how It is useful to follow social media optimization after search engine optimization. A well SEO optimized website can reach a medium range of customers who are particularly searching for a known brand.

But in the case of social media marketing, a brand can reach a wide range of targeted audience within a short time due to the fact that social media is going viral today. A person spends an average 3 hours a day on the social media websites.

So targeting customers who can possibly become leads is easy only with the help of social media marketing.

The only way to increase the business is to gain popularity among the customers by actively engaging in social media and thereby increasing the brand value globally to attract more customers of similar niche.

Businesses which are not active on social media are found less on Google searches. The results of the Google search are highly social media dependent.

Thus engaging the business in social media can build the trust of consumers and increase the brand value in an effective way

Let’s now check some of the global brands marketing case studies and how they increased their customers with perfect integrated social media marketing strategies.

IdeaPaint – Facebook and Video Marketing Strategy:

Idea Paint Facebbok and video Marketing strategy

IdeaPaint is a B2B company that provides special paint to the walls which converts walls into writing boards with a dry surface. So there is no need to use whiteboards for writing and this innovative idea saves a lot of money.

They turned their site visitors into customers using Facebook as a medium for marketing. Let’s check the steps they followed for better user experience and building trust:

  • They provided social sharing links on the welcome page
  • IdeaPaint created awareness about their product with detailed videos on how to use it easily
  • Also, they integrated their Facebook page with options i.e. like and send to other friends. Also, the comments on the page are shown on the individual’s timeline who commented on it.
  • IdeaPaint Facebook page is integrated with Blogposts, Instagram feed, Pinterest images.
  • They attracted large visitors to their site with their videos.

They have almost 25,000 followers on Facebook in 2017. Started in 2008, this company generated $100 million revenue by 2015 and they are coming with a new consumer version and focuses on television advertising.

IdeaPaint uses Hubspot for its online marketing activities and Hubspot uses IdeaPaint walls in its office to get the visual look in the workspace with innovative designs and graphics.

Idea paint quote

Oreo and Nike – Twitter and Instagram Marketing:

In 2012 Nike started a Make It Count social media campaign with top UK Athletes pledging to reach their goals. They encouraged the people to join the twitter by announcing the goals with a #makeitcount hashtag and this got millions of shares on Instagram and Twitter.

Each athlete’s pledge is written on the top of the image with a make it count hashtag. Mo-Farah’s (British distance runner) statement “Don’t dream of winning. Train for it” and Paula Radcliffe’s(British track and field athlete) statement  “nearly isn’t enough” are few among them.

Nike Makeitcount campaign

This marketing approach increased Nike’s profit by 12% that year. Nike used the same idea in the 2012 Olympics with #findgreatness hashtag pointing at every person who is trying to achieve the goal he never thought before.

With this Nike got 56,000 followers and 16,000 tweets on Twitter. Thus Nike reduced television promotions and started using digital media widely to reach potential customers with innovative ideas.

In 2013 Oreo used the online Twitter platform during Super Bowl power blackout and tweeted “Power out?- No Problem. You can still dunk in the dark”.

Oreo dunk in the dark tweet

This tweet created a sensation and received 15,000 retweets in one hour. Viewers just loved the tweeted message and it became trending in a very short time.

BuzzFeed’s Ashley McCollum said the tweet was “super smart,” and CNET’s Daniel Terdiman declared, “Oreo came up with an idea so brilliant and bold that it out and out won the night.” Thus Oreo increased its global brand value in one night with a simple tweet.

Thus content created relating to the current situations reaches a large audience faster and easily on social  media platforms

Sony Electronics – Pinterest and Email Marketing:

Sony Pinterest Marketing strategy

In 2011, Sony electronics used Pins to drive huge sales. During the initial stage of Pinterest (It was launched in 2010), Sony focused more on pins and got 10 times more clicks on pins than twitter tweets.

Sony almost increased 800% more traffic on Pinterest with the images and became a rock star on Pinterest.

Social Media Marketing head at Sony Electronics said: “ With Pinterest, we realized the power of the platform to drive people’s interest in purchasing.”

The Sony team identified three main goals below to achieve on the Pinterest platform:

  • Driving sales to their website
  • Increasing brand  value
  • Growing the Sony community around the globe

So before starting their own page to achieve their goals, they prepared a strategy to share repins which are with visually appealing content. They worked on this for 3-months daily sharing about 10 repins.

Then they started their own brand page after they created a strong content base with a good global following. Initially, they started with a contest attracting huge traffic and drove sales to their website. This perfect strategy increased their brand value thus helping them achieve all their goals.

Sony used Email Marketing as a powerful platform to attract its email subscribes to the Pinterest page. It integrated all the emails with Pins to encourage its customer’s engagement in Pinterest. It’s first promotional email consisted of the new VAIO summer line-up product launch with Pin in the content.

This content has driven 3000 clicks on the Pins increasing 172 % revenue for each delivered email. This shows that good content with a good call to action can drive huge sales for a business and strong customer engagement.

In 2017, Sony Pinterest page has about 50,000 followers.

Philips Healthcare – LinkedIn and Email Marketing:

Innovations in Philips Healthcare

Philips split into two companies – Health tech and Lightning solutions in 2014. They thought Health Tech doesn’t look professional in B2B space. To make their brand look more professional they targeted audience Via LinkedIn Marketing, the best platform for B2B companies.

At first, they created a group “Innovations in Health”  with doctors, clinicians, healthcare professionals and other medical staff. They engaged the group posting polls, questions, debates, new product updates, videos etc. This gained 73,000 followers to the group with 4400 discussions.

Philips healthcare group gained a huge following so they decided to divide into sub-group focusing niche like oncology, cardiology etc. They attracted new subscribers every day with laser-focused niche relevant updates and discussions.

Philips invited followers for membership with email and other promotional activities. Thus  Philips raised 10% of their audience following this strategy. Their company subscribers raised to 2,50,000 due to the frequent engagement in the LinkedIn.

Their discussions, debates, guides addressing all the health issues with the relevant content format like videos, polls etc provided emotional touch, trust and a good value to the audience. Thus Philips created a sensation on the LinkedIn platform.

By 2017, their LinkedIn group has about 1,46,838 group members.

H&M Fashions – Gplus and Video Marketing:

H&M Google plus marketing

H&M is a global fashion retailer with 2500 stores across the globe. The company got over 9,40,000 followers after it started focusing on Gplus marketing. H&M promotes more about fashion and lifestyle with high visuals like Videos and Photos.

Posting daily updates on the new trends, appealing content with an action link drove more sales to the company. They even have celebrities to shoot for their brand. Thus they got a huge fan following to their Gplus page.

H&M Gplus Marketing

H&M published exclusive collection previews, contests, offering behind the scenes footage like Vogue editor preparing for an H&M photo-shoot.

Their page became popular with trendy videos of celebrities. They have top collections with Beckham, Versace and Marni.

H&M stats with Gplus Marketing as per Google’s case study :

  • They got an average number of +1’s per post: 72
  • The average number of reshares per post: 11
  • Average comments per post: 22
  • 22% CTR uplift in search due to social extensions.

H&M closely look at the post which got high views and high shares to understand customer engagement. Also, they used the social extension to their Gplus page in the Adword campaign. So related searches and recommendations directly led to their Gplus page.

This drove direct traffic to Gplus page and raised 22% CTR with the Adword campaign social media extensions. In 2017, they got about 6 million followers on their Gplus page.

#Metoo- Recent viral campaign in 2017:

Silence Breakers-Times Person of the Year

Social media is powerful not only for branding and marketing but also in various other campaigns such as #Metoo (US News Magazine Times declared ‘Times Person of the year 2017’ is ‘Silence breakers’ who supported #Metoo campaign).

#MeToo is the two-word hashtag recently gone viral on social media platforms i.e. Twitter and Facebook during October 2017. This campaign is created against sexual assault and harassment of women.

#MeToo is actually started by social activist Tarana Burke and supported by actress Alyssa Milano who encouraged women to share their experiences publicly on Twitter.

Many women stepped forward and shared their experiences, anger, empathy and opinions making it a huge protest in less time.

This phrase was used more than 2 lakh times and got tweeted more than 5 lakh times on Twitter. It was used by more than 4.7 million people in 12 million posts within 24 hours on Facebook.

This hashtag trended in more than 85 countries including India. People from other countries used this hashtag in the local language too.

It shows the ultimate power of social media today. If the cause and content are good then nothing stops it from going viral overnight.

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