Bluehost is a website hosting company started in 2003 provides hosting services for over 2 million domains. It ranks among the top 20 largest web-hosts in the world. It works with its sister companies i.e. FastDomain, HostMonster, and iPage.

Since most of the businesses use Bluehost, we thought to provide a detailed review to understand why it’s preferable hosting service especially for WordPress users

First of all, you can easily install Bluehost just with one-click using one-click installation wizard. Therefore, Bluehost is highly compatible with the WordPress websites and it is even providing special offers to the WordPress users. Hence WordPress itself recommends Bluehost to all its users.

You can even host multiple domain names on a single account. Bluehost also provides integration with many services like Google apps and cloudfare in its dashboard.

So Bluehost became the favorite web-hoster among the small and medium scale businesses worldwide.

Web hosting Bluehost review

Bluehost Features:

Let’s now check the Bluehost review on some of the other features:


Bluehost’s average uptime is 99.9% which is high compared to other host providers. Uptime is an important factor as it shows the operating hours of the servers and websites.

Also, it is highly reliable as it provides 24/7/365 uptime services without any performance issues.

Bluehost increases Page load speed to improve the user experience on the website. Page load speed is important On-Page SEO factor because the decrease in page load speed decreases the website traffic and results in less conversion rate.

Bluehost server response is higher in both US and other countries and takes less than a second to respond.

Check the latest Bluehost uptime report here.

Control Panel:

Bluehost control panel is a unique feature and is designed for the popular Cpanel product. It allows single login for managing files, websites, domains, web-builders, emails, billing, and others.

Bluehost control panel

Therefore this feature comes handy for using Bluehost, especially for newbies. So you can access all the services with one login. You can even manage multiple accounts with a single login.

This is mainly designed for professionals with multiple clients. Bluehost also allows a switch between multiple accounts without even logging out for a better user experience.

Bluehost’s control panel also consists of Domain manager for registering and renewing the domains. You can view and set domain privacy.

Domain Manager

In addition, Bluehost cloudfare platform helps to optimize the websites of their users by increasing the speed of the servers accessed from various geographic locations and provides extra security features that block malicious attacks and Spam.

Security features:

  • Bluehost is providing password suggestion tool to generate more secured password
  • You can even link your Bluehost account with Google account to enable a Single sign-on feature.
  • For extra security, Bluehost also provides two-factor authentication feature to its users
  • You can use the token (six-digit-code) generated randomly at the bottom of the control panel for account validation when you contact customer support.
  • You can even enable free SSL certificate under WordPress Tools section for redirecting to HTTPS which increases website traffic and search engine rankings.

Cloud Hosting:

Bluehost offers both Shared Hosting and Cloud Hosting services. Due to the advancement in technology and use of Internet Of Things, cloud services are more reliable and secured.

In Shared Hosting, multiple domains are shared on a single server. But in the cloud, data is connected with digitally connected infrastructure on multiple spaces of the cloud.

This data can be stored in all the thousands of machines connected to a single cloud network. Therefore, using cloud network for data storage increases the server speed and reliability during high website traffic.

Cloud sites unique features include Data Mirroring, Integrated caching, Resource Monitoring, Instant Scaling, Automated Failover. Also, Bluehost provides 3 pricing plans for its Bluehost Cloud sites

Bluehost also offers you 1gb of free cloud storage with JustCloud services. So, to activate free JustCloud account click on JustCloud icon under Partners section of your control panel.

You can also check here for additional info on Bluehost’s JustCloud services.

Bluehost even offers DEVCloud services for all the developers.

Bluehost cloud hosting

Bluehost support:

  • Provides 24/7 support with live chat and Cpanel support forums
  • You can also open a ticket for submitting various queries on billing, sales etc.
  • Bluehost knowledge base contains large number of articles giving guidance to beginners
  • It also provides video tutorials for better user experience

Webhosting Services:

Bluehost offers the below-hosting services for its global users

  • Shared Hosting – Linux Hosting, Windows Hosting and WordPress Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting – Linux Reseller Hosting and Windows Reseller Hosting.

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Virtual Private server:

VPS Hosting utilizes a technology called Virtualization to create isolated Virtual Machines with dedicated resources and full root access to install required applications.

With VPS complete isolation is provided by Bluehost, which means no matter what others are doing on your server, VPS package still remains unaffected. Furthermore, VPS package will be applicable to all the applications no matter what the CPU, RAM, CDD, and Bandwidth is used

Check here to  know more about the Linux VPS Hosting plans

Bluehost Hosting Discount:

Bluehost is offering discounts on the below-hosting services

  • 30% off on WordPress standard Hosting + COM/NET Domain + Privacy protect ( Bloggers Special)
  • cloud hosting + Free security and backup solutions (40% off )
  • Standard US VPS Hosting + .net Domain + Privacy protect (40% off)

Check here to know more about the Bluehost discount offers.

BlueHost provides various security plans:

  • Bluehost provide Site-lock for automatically detecting and preventing malicious threats
  • Codeguard cloud backup prevents the data loss and recover the data instantly
  • It provides SSL certificates to boost SEO rankings

BlueHost Domains:

Bluehost also provides free add-ons for the domains registered under it. You can even get free services like free email account, free lifetime DNS service, free email forwards, free tools for registering domain, free domain forwarding i.e. pointing your domain name to other websites, free domain theft protection

Bluehost Review-2017:

Here let us check what the customer says about Bluehost

Bluehost Customer review

Pros of Bluehost:

Bluehost is highly preferred for its

  • high page load speed and server response time
  • reliability
  • good compatibility
  • 1-click installation
  • unlimited bandwidth and space
  • multiple domain support
  • 24/7 telephone support

Cons of Bluehost:

  • CPU usage is limited
  • Migration charges are high
  • Bluehost provide limited DNS by default (Bluehost Name Servers)
  • Compared to its peers, Bluehost prices are not low but affordable
  • Some website users experienced downtime with Bluehost for short time.

Bluehost’s hosting Packages:

Bluehost provides different hosting packages and specifications for Shared Hosting Plans and Reseller Hosting Plans. These package plans are different for India and US.

  • Linux Hosting provides advanced Optimization for Email and E-Commerce. It provides Standard, Business, Pro and Cloud packages.
  • Windows Hosting helps to design websites with ASPNET 4.5, MSSQL 2012. It also provides unlimited disk space, databases, and email accounts. It provides Standard, Business, and Pro packages
  • WordPress Hosting comes with automatic cloud backup, intuitive control panel, email management, easy SSL integration and Anti-malware protection. It provides Starter Lite, Advanced Lite, and Business Lite packages
  • Linux Reseller Hosting provide Hosting features and add-ons, WHM feature ( admin control Panel), All-in-one billing and client management solution (WHMCS), Advanced Email Hosting features and PHP 5.6, Perl, Python can be used for website setup. It provides Sky Blue, Electric Blue, and True Blue packages.
  • Windows Reseller Hosting comes with Hosting features and add-ons, WHM feature ( admin control Panel), All-in-one billing and client management solution (WHMCS), Advanced Email Hosting features and Parallels Plesk 10.4 feature. It also provides Sky Blue, Electric Blue, and True Blue packages.

This Bluehost review is useful for the business in purchasing the best hosting services. Get Bluehost hosting services at discounted prices by signing up here.


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