Does your shared hosting package affect your SEO ranking?


Choosing the right web host for your website is more important than you think. The life of your website depends on the decision you make. Shared hosting is one of the most recommended types of hosting taking into the picture the various benefits it brings with it. Considering your ranking, Shared hosting can be a catalyst to boost your rankings, provided other factors are in place. How does your Host play a Role in your Rankings? If your search engine

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How to fix HTTP errors that affect SEO on your website

HTTP error

Sometimes you encounter few HTTP errors with your website. These errors can be 301,404 etc. and you wonder what are all these numbers about or how they are created. Even I had no idea why we get these types of HTTP errors on our website when I saw them at the first time. So let’s now understand here why these errors occur and if they are search-engine friendly or not. Here we focus on some important HTTP errors which we

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How to make an effective digital marketing sales funnel for a business

Digital Marketing sales funnel

Marketing is introducing a brand new product in the market to create awareness that such a product exists. It can be product or service or software tool or anything. Traditional marketing is reaching the people through newspaper ads, magazine ads, TV ads, banners, pamphlets etc In the same way, Digital Marketing is reaching the people through search engine ads, emails, SMS, social media etc. But Digital Marketing is more effective than traditional marketing as it targets right audience in less

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How to choose Blogging platform that suits your niche

Blogging platforms

Blogging was a hobby a decade back but now Blogging is a career profession. So it’s important to choose a suitable platform for niche blogs. There are Free, Paid, Free and Premium up-gradation platforms available today. You just need to decide which looks perfect for your niche and then you can go ahead and set up your first blog within minutes. So here we provide our detailed analysis on the top 10 blogging platforms to make it easy for blog

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Is Google voice search benefits business or becomes threat to privacy

Ok Google

As the number of smart-phone users increased in the recent years, it’s time that Google focused more on the mobile features and released Google Voice search to make its users close to technology. This new feature is available in all the smart-phones, tablets and Google virtual assistants like Google Home Device. Since Google frequently updates its algorithm, search strategy changes every time. Hence very relevant search results are shown on the results page. As a result, it affects the search

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