Marketing is introducing a brand new product in the market to create awareness that such a product exists. It can be a product or service or software tool or anything. Traditional marketing is reaching the people through newspaper ads, magazine ads, TV ads, banners, pamphlets etc

In the same way, Digital Marketing is reaching the people through search engine ads, emails, SMS, social media etc. But Digital Marketing is more effective than traditional marketing as it targets the right audience in less time and with less money.

In traditional marketing, you spend more money on ads to reach a wide audience but the conversion rate is less. In digital marketing, you spend less compared to former to reach less audience but here the conversion rate is high if targeted effectively.

According to Wikipedia, “Digital marketing (also known as data-driven marketing) is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising and any other digital medium.”

Neil Patel  says “Digital Marketing is any form of marketing products or services that involve electronic devices.”

Business strategy

Therefore, Digital marketing is the easiest and efficient way to attract targeted customers for any business small or large.

Digital Marketing Sales Funnel:

So what makes digital marketing effective is the funnel setting for any business. The more quality the funnel is set with, the more sales for your products or services. There are 3 stages of the sales funnel

  • Top of the sales funnel – Collecting leads
  • Middle of the sales funnel – Nurturing and Retargeting leads
  • Bottom of the sales funnel – Selling the product or services

Let’s now discuss how to attract potential customers, market and sell the product or service.

Collecting leads:

First, you have to create your business website online and then create search engine ads/ social media ads targeting customers in your niche. These ads attract traffic to your website. There is no use of attracting only traffic to your site and visitors forget about your business once they leave your site.

So to reach those visitors via emails or SMS, you need to display call-to-action on your website. For this, you should design landing pages providing a useful offer to the page visitors. Once visitor accepts your offer and gives their personal info like their name, email, mobile number, it shows their interest in your product or service.

This is the top of the funnel and you can collect leads to sell your products. But if you sell the product/service right away, very less or sometimes no conversion happens. But this is the general mindset of people. No one wants to buy the product just by looking at its design and price. So now the next stage is needed to build trust with your leads.

Lead generation

Nurturing and Re-targeting leads:

Once you get emails and mobile numbers from your visitors, it’s your turn to market your product/service as much as you can. For this, you need powerful email marketing and SMS marketing automation tools.

In email marketing, you can send email sequences to your leads telling about your business and offers and how it helps them to satisfy their needs. This is called lead nurturing which is building trust with the leads and making them take the action that you require for the sales.

Check here, How to increase your sales with Convertkit email marketing tool

You can send the emails following your customer interests and needs. Here you are in the middle of your business sales funnel. So here chances are there that some leads may opt-out of your emails as they are not interested in your product/service. Or chances are there that you may be poorly marketing your product and it doesn’t meet the customer expectation.

Finally, you are left with only a few leads actively checking your offers but less likely to make a sale from you. These are called cold leads. So you have to make a strategy to convert these cold leads into hot leads by retargeting them giving additional information about your business.

Selling the product or services:

Once you build trust with your leads by engaging more with them, then more conversions are likely to happen. So you have reached the bottom of the funnel and your leads now turned into now customers by making a purchase from you. These may be few in number but if you focus more, these customers can become your long-term customers.

You can target these customers again and again when you launch a new product/service or when you provide a seasonal offer.

Also, you can build a good brand with the word-of-mouth from the customers on your services. So it is always advisable to take feedback from your customers and to understand what they feel about your services.

If you get a good response then you can expect your customers to share the same in social profiles to get new traffic to your website. Here your customers indirectly act as your brand ambassadors. As we all know sales happens more only based on the customer reviews, never neglect the feedback. So it’s important to plan long-term strategies.

Digital Marketing sales funnel

Steps to be followed by Digital Marketers:

The below points are really important for any business to make high sales:

  • Thorough Market research
  • Identifying the potential audience
  • Targeting customers
  • Defining business goals like no.of email subscribers needed for a week
  • Measuring the goals
  • Adjusting the goals if needed
  • Identifying the gaps
  • Engagement with customers
  • Building trust with customers to take the required action
  • Making the sale of a product/service
  • Understanding customer satisfaction
  • Checking if the targets are met or not.
  • If the targets are met then aim for more conversions.
  • If not then the business strategy needs a change.

Finally to conclude Digital Marketing is the integration of search engine marketing, social media marketing and content marketing. Any business needs to provide valuable, relevant and attractive content to reach more customers.

This content can be in the form of creative ads, blog posts, social media posts, images, videos, podcasts, emails, SMS etc. The success lies in identifying the right content and the right platform that suits your business and customer needs.

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