Many people who are interested in learning Digital Marketing, search for the courses and institutes in the market.

But it’s really tough to decide which institute to join. So most of them end up joining the institutes without proper research and lose their hard-earned money.

Hence here we are providing a detailed review of Digital Deepak paid courses with our personal experience.

This review makes easy for you to take your decision and also helps to save your money.

Deepak paid courses review

Introduction of Digital Deepak:

Deepak is just a name before, but now Deepak is an Indian brand name in Digital Marketing. Digital Deepak is the well-known name in India right now.

Digital Deepak is also an author, speaker, trainer and Digital Marketing Consultant in the Bangalore. Now he became a mentor to thousands of students in India and Abroad teaching his online courses with real-time statistics.

Also, Deepak shares all his experiences and Marketing strategies to give practical learning to all his students

He has 8-year experience in Digital Marketing industry. Deepak started his blogging journey with and later started his Digital Marketing blog

Digital Deepak also worked in various start-ups Exotel, Practo, Instamojo and Razor Pay. He is one of the founders of Optin chat and also a columnist at and  YourStory.

Why Digital Deepak courses:

Now Deepak is an expert in Digital Marketing. He understood that there is a gap in the market to learn Digital Marketing. Hence he took a good step and came forward to teach with his free and paid courses which are affordable.

He has a wide group of Facebook followers and most of them are his students who started with free courses and then turned into paid customers.

He gained such a following because he’s way of teaching is very simple and practical. Thus all his lessons in every course start from scratch and end in expertise.

Therefore, even a newbie in Digital Marketing can understand how Digital Marketing works actually in real-time scenarios. This is not something that everyone does. Here’s the poll which shows the student’s satisfaction with Deepak’s courses.

Students review

Even there are a couple of institutes which offer courses in Digital Marketing. But they teach far from reality which is impractical.

Hence it’s always easy to understand the real-time statistics from an experienced person in any field. Thus this is what makes Digital Deepak courses differ from other training institutes

He’s always active on Facebook interacting with his students and if he finds maximum people are struggling on a particular topic, he immediately takes up and creates an article or video providing the solution in the best possible way.

This is how he updates himself everyday understanding his customers and serving their needs.

He also tries to help out maximum people who seek him personally and officially. Thus this humble nature of Deepak along with expertise increased his brand value in the market.

He also shares all his marketing strategies helping his students and followers to start their own company setting a role model to others.

And Yes, Digital Deepak online courses are worth-taking and saves a lot of your money and effort. Let’s now take a close look at Deepak’s online courses both Free and Paid.

Digital Marketing Basic course – Free

Deepak is also offering free Digital Marketing basics course. You can register for this course just by visiting and you get instant access to all the videos. This course consists of 25 video lessons.

The topics under this course are

  • Basic Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Steps to own your website
  • How to learn Digital Marketing practically using your website
  • Introduction to paid advertising
  • Basics of Advanced Digital Marketing

Deepak explains the basics of the important topics in these videos. Also, these videos are in simple language and help newbies to understand easily about what is Digital Marketing and Importance of Digital Marketing.

Free basic course

Deepak has created a forum on facebook for all those who wanted to learn Digital Marketing. It has about 70,000 members now and it’s the largest group in India for learning Digital Marketing.

He frequently engages with all his students and followers via posts and polls to understand their needs. As many students were satisfied with the free digital marketing basics videos, they demanded advanced topics in Digital Marketing.

This made Deepak start his online paid courses with Learning Management System (LMS)

Online video lessons – Digital Deepak Paid Courses:

  • SEO Mastery course
  • Google Adwords Mastery
  • Facebook Ads Mastery
  • Affiliate Marketing Mastery
  • The 100-day Blogging course ( Get instant access now)

All these paid courses cover the advanced topics in the respective areas. Since we have enrolled in all these mentioned courses, we are  providing our personal opinion here on every course

SEO Mastery course:

As we all know SEO is very important to get good rankings in the search results. You can expect long-term benefits only by doing proper SEO to your website.

So this course is handled Jointly by Deepak and Sanjay Shenoy, a content marketer and SEO expert in Bangalore.

Hence, this course covers the below topics:

  • Introduction to SEO
  • Mastering Google search console
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Long-term SEO
  • How to scale traffic with long-tail keywords
  • How to use Advanced SEO tools
  • Publishing SEO friendly content
  • How to monetize SEO skills
  • Link building with Blog comments and Guest Posting
  • How to perform SEO Audit

Hence, after watching these videos what we understand is what is SEO and how it works for any website. Both Deepak and Sanjay showed practically how to do SEO to get good search engine results. They also explained all the important steps in a simple way

Google Adwords Mastery:

Learning about Google Adwords is necessary for understanding Search Engine Marketing and PPC concept. Therefore this course is also useful for writing Google Adwords certification exam.

Topics covered in this course:

  • Introduction to Google Adwords
  • How to do Keyword Research
  • Creating Ad Campaigns
  • Advanced Adwords
  • New Adwords Interface walk-through
  • Adword campaign for real-estate clients

So in this course, We understand deeply about Google Adwords, Keyword research, keyword types, negative keywords, ad campaigns, conversions tracking, location targeting and ad extensions.

SEO Mastery

Facebook Mastery course:

Social Media is very powerful now and Facebook has the largest number of followers on the social media platform. Therefore understanding how to drive traffic from Facebook is important. This course is also helpful for writing Facebook Ad certification exam. The topics covered in this course are:

  • Introduction to Facebook Ads
  • How to create Facebook Lead Ads
  • Event and Event Response Ads
  • About Ads Manager
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Custom Conversions
  • How Facebook Ad costing works

After watching these videos, we understand how to create and manage Facebook ads, types of Facebook audiences and how to target them, how to get likes and boosts post and also how to get Facebook BluePrint certification

facebook ads mastery

Also, three courses SEO Mastery, Google Adwords Mastery and Facebook Ads Mastery are available as a single bundle too

Bundle courses

Affiliate Marketing Course:

Affiliate marketing has a very wide scope and provides passive income. Hence, this course is handled by Deepak and his team member Arun Kothapally, Affiliate Marketer and Digital Marketing consultant

Topics covered in this course are:

  • Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
  • How to select niche websites with keyword research
  • How to get approval from Affiliate networks
  • About Affiliate Marketing tools
  • Introduction to 10,000/month challenge
  • How to build Content Assets
  • Promoting affiliate links via Google Adwords

Therefore from these videos, we learn how to do Affiliate Marketing with niche websites, how to find buyers, reviews and comparison strategy to get buyer traffic, how to win 10,000/month with niche affiliate websites.

Affiliate Marketing

The 100-day Blogging Course:

Firstly this course consists of 2-parts, step-by-step guide on blogging. Part 1 got completed with 50 videos and Part 2 is still on-going. This course is again handled by Deepak and Sanjay Shenoy. The topics covered under this course till now:

  • Choosing a topic for starting a blog
  • Choosing a Domain Name
  • Web-hosting
  • WordPress blog initial setup
  • Various plugins required
  • Google Analytics and campaigns
  • Basic SEO
  • Creating Facebook Ads
  • Creating content ideas
  • Funnel and funnel metrics
  • Email Marketing and SMS Marketing Automation
  • How to write content and Blog titles using keywords
  • Long-term SEO strategies for bloggers
  • Setting up Quora profile and answering queries to drive traffic from Quora
  • Email and SMS marketing workflow introduction
  • Setting up and using Google alerts
  • How to outsource content from freelancing sites

Hence from this course, We can learn how to start a blog from scratch, how to write quality content, how to do competitor analysis, how to create a brand and monetize the blog.

Get instant access to 100-Day Blogging course to build your blog from scratch

Blogging course

Also, Deepak has started his own blog for 100-day blogging tutorial. He therefore, gave step-by-step guidance on starting a new blog and driving traffic to that. He also explained his own statistics and how that worked practically for

There is also a separate Facebook group for ‘Learn Blogging in 100-Days’exclusively for the students enrolled in the Blogging course. This group has about 2400 members from India and Abroad.

Therefore this is a very good platform where all the bloggers around the globe share their views, updates and queries. Hence new bloggers can learn easily from the Senior and Experienced bloggers.

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E-Book on Content Marketing:

Content is the king in any field. But writing content that attracts eyeballs and attention is not easy. So, only good guidance helps you to get good writing skills.

Here are the topics covered under Content Marketing to provide quality content

  • How to start writing content
  • Sites to sell content-writing services
  • How to make first 1000 with content writing
  • Persuasion and Copywriting
  • Future demand for content

In this e-book, you can get complete guidance on writing good quality content and also on monetizing your content-writing skills.

After reading the book, you understand how to write good content on your blog for high traffic, work as a freelancer writing content for others and also start your own Digital Marketing Agency selling your services to customers.

content marketing

E-Book and videos on Digital Marketing Campaigns for Real Estate:

Digital Deepak has also started his own Digital Marketing Agency ‘Pixel Track’. He offered his services to real-estate clients too. Since many people are not aware of how to deal with real-estate clients, he has written an e-book with his client experience covering the important topics like:

  • Target Audience creation
  • Direct Response Marketing
  • Lean Marketing
  • Ad campaign creation
  • Lead capture and CRM generation
  • Drip Email and SMS marketing (Lead Nurturing)
  • Sales Funnel

real estate

We have enrolled in the above-mentioned courses and so gave our personal views and what we have learned from these courses.

Upcoming Online courses:

  • Email Marketing Mastery
  • How to sell your services as a Digital Marketing Agency
  • Social Media Mastery

Now, what you are waiting for! Get started with your blog to learn Digital Marketing practically by enrolling in Blogging Course to build your brand

If you are already Digital Deepak’s student or follower, feel free to comment here your opinions and experiences.


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