Email Marketing is the most popular, oldest and effective method to grow the business even today.

Convertkit is built by bloggers for bloggers to satisfy the need of bloggers with the best-inbuilt features.

Digital Marketers and Bloggers around the world use this mainly to grow their online business by attracting the subscribers with the design and content.

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convertkit review

Convertkit Review: Follow and Understand your subscribers 

Convertkit is an email marketing tool for professional bloggers around the world. You really love using this tool due to the simple and plain text, designs and professional templates to reach the customers.

It helps to understand the customers in a friendly way. This increases the subscriber engagement and the growth of online business.

Convertkit provides 3 types of free broadcast templates i.e. text only, classic and modern. With little HTML and CSS knowledge, you can design these templates to give a feel-good look to your subscribers. You can also create a custom template to add social sharing buttons.

Check full guide on creating templates here to create your own template

ConvertKit Email Marketing Tool

Convertkit helps to target the customers who haven’t read your email by changing your scheduling with different day, different time and variety of content.

You can spy your subscribers and even re-target them with necessary updates in the content to get more engagement in your business. This feature makes sure that your effort to create emails and promote your business won’t go waste.

Also, you can even send reminders to your customers who reached the sales page and dropped off without purchasing, you need to re-target them by sending more promotional offers and by giving them all the details on how purchasing your course helps them to get what they needed. This is how you can expand the business in a more realistic way.

You can also integrate ConvertKit with various other tools and sites which include e-commerce and payment portals, lead capture, course sites, webinar services, survey & forms, website platforms/hosting, scheduling, giveaways, CRM. You can use Zapier for integrating with Convertkit.

To look and try the features of Convertkit, you can request for a free-demo here

Convertkit Pricing:

Convertkit is actually affordable compared to the other email marketing tools in the market. Once you feel it is worth to purchase, then you can check out various Convertkit plans, pricing depends on the number of subscribers you got till then. And it’s always worth to opt for a higher price to get even higher subscriber list.

You can get some discount when you go for a yearly plan.

Upto 1000 subscribers: $24-$29 per month

1000-3000 subscribers: $41-$49 per month

3000-5000 subscribers: $64-$79 per month

Above 5000 subscribers: contact convertkit team for a good deal

To get better support and clarifications on the queries, you can reach the Convertkit support team anytime and they provide the best support for all their customers around the world.

Increase email subscribers with Landing pages and Optin forms:

Let’s now look at the Convertkit features which convert readers into subscribers.

Email Marketing platform

Creating Convertkit Forms and landing pages are simple with title fields and call-to-action buttons which tells the subscribers what you want them to do after they see your email like it can be a thank-you message or you can redirect them to your website introduction/home page.

You can also send these landing pages or forms to your subscribers’ email. You can even customize Convertkit landing pages and forms with basic HTML, CSS skills.

Incentive emails/double opt-in emails confirm the subscription and redirect them to thanking page. If you want your subscribers to know more about your promotional offers, just upload the specific files. This feature helps to get more quality subscribers.

You can create a pop-up which appears only for the customers who are interested in your business and can hide the pop-up who have already subscribed to it. You can organize your subscribers using forms.

Tags and Segments:

Creating Tags and Segments is one of the amazing features it had. You can create a subscriber list based on their interests including even small details.

Tags help to differentiate between the subscribers who are interested in the course, who have purchased the course and who want to sign up for the course, thus tracking each and every detail of the subscriber. This avoids the duplication of the emails which customers always expect.

You can create Segments to group various tags under similar category and thus it saves a lot of time. Creating different tags and segments depends on your plan to reach your customers effectively.

It also helps in re-targeting the interested customers as you should give more importance to the customer engagement rather than the subscriber list. In general, tags are organizing subscribers and segments are organizing tags.

Email Sequences:

Convertkit offers unlimited sequences (series of emails) for the subscribers once they have signed up for your business.

These sequence mails are set in such a way that makes the subscribers feel like they are receiving an email from their friend. It starts with the first email with friendly gestures and then next email giving the details you are offering to your customers.

Then the other emails with the content required for a call to action and finally sales generating emails. Sending only one email sequence per day is highly recommended to make your subscribers engaged to grow your business.

Sequence page shows the overall statistics of unconfirmed, subscribers and un-subscribers with open and click-rate.

Convertkit email sequence

Setting a good email sequences increases the click rate. Good, relevant and engaging content with relevant images and high-quality videos reach the customers faster and decreases the number of un-subscribers.

There are even options to choose delay days and off days for scheduling email sequences. This again depends on data tracking of subscriptions.

Based on the trigger and action, you can find your quality customers and also have the option to show the customized content for the subscribers which differentiate the content from non-subscribers.

You can also create follow-up emails to exactly find why the customers are not turning into subscribers. Once you track customer interests, then you can send the email sequences based on that.


ConvertKit Integration with your WordPress site involves just pasting Convertkit API key in the settings of the convertkit plugin installed in your WordPress.

You can even integrate with the javascript and HTML code. Follow the guide to understand  more about the  integration

Free concierge migration service:

If you are already using other provider and thinking to shift to Convertkit, you can do it easily and it’s free. Also, this service is included in the plan if you have 5000 email subscribers and above.

You need not worry if you have less than 5000 subscribers, just contact the Convertkit support team at to get your migration done for free.


At first, you can go for a 14-day free trial to check all the available features and you can cancel this at anytime before 14days

After free trial, you can buy the desired plan for your business. If you feel that It’s not for you, then there is a facility to cancel the plan and claim your refund within 30-days of purchase.

Wide Support team:

Workshops and Reach Podcast episodes help you to know the struggles of other bloggers, entrepreneurs and how they found a way to overcome them.

Reach Podcast

Convertkit has a Knowledgebase with guiding articles to help all its customers to solve the issues easily.If you find an issue that’s difficult to resolve then you can contact the support team through email or even raise a ticket on your issues.

You can even find a Convertkit beginners facebook group exclusively created for discussing issues and you can receive direct guidance from the support team.

Convertkit facebook group

Industry experts using Convertkit:

  • Copy Hackers
  • Smart Passive Income
  • Being Boss
  • Femtrepreneur
  • Becoming minimalist

Convertkit Automation:

Convertkit Automation is yet another amazing feature which totally works on tags and segments. Triggers are the events that make the Action automated.

You can choose one or more triggers and also one or more actions. For one trigger, one more action is chosen and vice-versa depending on your requirements.

You need not waste much time on the tool rather you can invest the quality time on creating good tags and sequences which are really powerful. This flexibility and simple algorithm make the Convertkit a favorite tool for many bloggers.

You can even create a sequence targeting only to a particular group of subscribers but not everyone. You can do this by creating a new segment and adding filter of your targeted subscribers with particular tag

For example, if you have different tags, sequences and forms categorized for the customers who are just interested in your course and who have already subscribed to your course.

Now if any customer received your sequence email for 2 days under the interested tag, then on the 3rd day, if he purchased your course, then automatically he gets tagged under the subscribed tag and he will only receive emails under subscribed sequence and not mails under interested sequences.

There is no point in sending emails under interested tag after the customer showed action by purchasing the course.

This sounds really cool as Convertkit does this automatically with its automation feature

Automated email sequences

Let’s now think of a scenario of up-selling your promotional offers for the customers who have purchased your course.

You can just create a separate email sequence giving details about the offer and if the customers accept that offer by clicking on the action call, then Convertkit tags them automatically under promotional tag leaving behind the subscribed tag. Managing a long email list under various tags manually is a tedious task.

So Convertkit automation saves a lot of time and reaches the customers in all the possible ways. It basically works on “If this, then not that” logic.

Visual Automation:

It’s an additional feature In automation to make process simple and faster. The advanced functionalities here are conditional branching, triggering events for a new tag, using the exact date in a sequence.

Click here to know more about how Convertkit Visual automation works

To understand this clearly, let me give you an example,

Let’s think that you have decided to provide a webinar on your services to the subscribers. With visual automation feature, you can view the full flow once you get a subscriber. You want to get them under a different tag, let’s say it as a webinar workflow tag.

So now we will check the flow works after getting subscribers under webinar tag.

Action tag

When you click on Event, Action or Condition, the steps in the flow gets auto-populated.Here since we plan to send a mail on a webinar, you should select Email sequence under Action to inform your subscribers about webinar details and date through email.

This is how your workflow looks after completing your webinar.

Convertkit visual automation

WordPress Plugin:

This plugin helps you to add a relevant Convertkit form at the bottom of your page or post. You can also make the form as a widget. Adding these types of forms helps you to get the subscribers easily to your site.

Convertkit form

How to setup Convertkit Form:

  • Download and install convertkit plugin
  • Generate API key from Convertkit account
  • Then paste API key in WordPress settings
  • Select a form you want to display on your pages or posts
  • If you need a single form displayed on all the pages/posts, then choose as ‘Default’
  • If you want different forms for pages/posts, then select the required form by editing below the content editor
  • Forms selected on individual pages/posts will override the default form
  • If you want to leave any page/post without form, then selected ‘None’ from the drop-down, then the form will not be displayed to that particular page/post
  • You can even add the form as widget in WordPress with drag and drop

Download WordPress Plugin here

Form selection

Creating Custom content:

You can tag people visiting different pages on your blog with different tags.

For example, visitors on your first page are tagged under ‘Interest’ and who moved till sales page are tagged under ‘Purchase’ tags

tagging subscribers

To keep the visitors and subscribers in sync, turn on additional URL parameter in account settings.

Convertkit tracks the subscribers under various tags with content short-code. Now if you want to send a customized content for subscribers under a single tag, then select the convertkit icon in the TinyMCE editor.

It automatically displays the subscriber tag in the drop-down and the content short-code for that tag. Hence you can send the published content to the subscribers under that selected tag. This feature helps to send the relevant content for subscribers under various tags

Custom content

Convertkit Gmail Extension:

Convertkit has released a Chrome extension to view the subscribers and their associated tags inside the Gmail. This data is useful for 1:1 responses.

Install the Gmail Extension from here

Sales Funnel:

Convertkit helps with Ever-green sales funnels. First, it targets the potential customers to opt-in for the free course. Once the reader turns into the subscriber, then it gets to the top of the sales funnel.

You can create Broadcast emails (one-time email) to generate sales by giving the link to the sales page in the email content if you find your customer already interested to purchase your product or service.

You can send these emails to the specific group of users and thus can generate sales from the subscriber list.

Sales funnel

Pros and Cons:

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Final Conclusion:

I think Convertkit is best in the market today due to its landing pages, opt-in forms, unlimited email sequences, simple automation and good customer support

These great features make Convertkit, the best email marketing platform, try and utilize these features in growing your business by signing up here for a free trial


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