Blogging was a hobby a decade back but now Blogging is a career profession. So it’s important to choose a suitable platform for niche blogs. There are Free, Paid, Free and Premium up-gradation platforms available today.

Blogging platforms

You just need to decide which looks perfect for your niche and then you can go ahead and set up your first blog within minutes. So here we provide our detailed analysis on the top 10 blogging platforms to make it easy for blog beginners.

Set up your Blog/Website with a free Domain name and hosting:

Below are the lists of the sites where you can start your free blog to experience the blogging journey with spending money in the initial phase.

Blogger: is owned by Google in 2003.You can get a free sub-domain name like Here abcwebsite is your preferred business name. All the blogs in Blogger are hosted by Google and all the custom domain URL’S are redirected to Google servers automatically.

It is also user-friendly for blogging and required no technical skills. You can create the blog by logging in with your Gmail ID.

Who can choose

  • Only for beginners to explore the basics of blogging
  • Who own small and personal blogs
  • It’s not advisable for those who planned long-term benefits with blogging


Let’s see the pros and cons of using Blogger


  • Free domain name and hosting
  • More secured as it’s under Google secure platform
  • No need to take backup
  • No coding skills needed for using blogger
  • You can earn with Google Adsense
  • Blog posts created using Blogger are more SEO friendly.
  • Blogger is available in 60 languages globally
  • Blogger has a mobile app (for Android and IOS users). So you can publish the blog posts, upload gallery images, share the location details using Blogger app.


  • You cannot have full control over your blog
  • Google can remove the Blogging services anytime without prior indication
  • Limited templates are available and these templates cannot be edited
  • Plugins and premium templates are not available


Tumblr is a  micro-blogging website just like Twitter. It looks like a combination of Blogger and Twitter. More focus is given to visuals compared to content. You can make notes, stories, television shows, videos, audios, MP3, GIFs, links, jokes etc.

It’s different from other platforms, you can reblog other posts on your blog and others can do the same thing on your blog. Thus how you can find many followers on Tumblr.It has integration with many social media networks.

To find more about Tumblr, click here

Who can choose Tumblr:

  • Who needs less written content and more visuals
  • Personal bloggers and Artist bloggers
  • Who is more interested in micro-blogging


Let’s now check the Pros and Cons of using Tumblr


  • Great features like reblogging and retagging
  • Two-factor authentication for Tumblr login for more security
  • No ads are shown on Tumblr blogs
  • Have built-in sharing tools
  • Sub-domain and Hosting is provided for free


  • Lot of themes available without extra features
  • It is difficult to move Tumblr blog to other CMS platforms
  • Plugins are not available


You can blog easily in for free just by connecting Evernote notebook. Just tag your notes as published after connecting to notebook to make it public. Then the notes appear as blog posts with customization.

Who can choose Postach:

  • If you like to blog with Evernote
  • Personal bloggers and hobby bloggers
  • If your content doesn’t require visuals


Let’s now check the Pros and Cons of using Postach


  • Very simple and easy to use
  • No storage limitations but again it totally depends upon Evernote storage limits
  • You can get comments on your blog by connecting to Disqus


  • Limited customization and themes
  • It does not support audio and video files

Here’s the comparison among these Free Blogging sites

Free blogging platform comparsion

Setup your Blog/website with both Free and Upgrade plans:

In the below site, you can find both basic free plans and paid upgrade plans based on your business requirements.


You can start the blog/website either in or in Nearly 28% of sites are built with WordPress. It is the largest blogging platform preferred by the bloggers around the world due to its compatibility. provides free software, but you need to own a domain name and hosting. So you have to buy a domain name and web hosting from any provider that supports free WordPress installation.

On the other hand, you can start your site at with free sub-domain name and host. But if you require additional features to your site, then you have to choose Paid plans like Personal, Premium and Business.

If you are confused to choose and, check here the clear comparison between those two sites.

Who can choose WordPress:

  • Personal and professional bloggers
  • If you want to monetize your blog
  • Suitable for business websites and online stores
  • If you need multiple themes and plugins for customization


Let’s now check the Pros and Cons of using WordPress


  • You can build any kind of blog/website from hobby blogs to news sites
  • A lot of themes and plugins are available.
  • You can create more SEO-friendly sites with analytics, social share buttons etc


  • It takes lot of time for installation and so little difficult for beginners if they are installing for the first time
  • No automatic backup provided by WordPress (You can do manually installing backup plugins)

If you are a student who wishes to start a free education blog, then go to edublogs which are powered by WordPress. It is easy to create and manage with good features. You can even start Mobile Blogging with Edublogs apps.


You can create your free blog in Jimdo with nice basic features. Good templates are available that are suitable for various niche bloggers. You can drag and drop images to your website directly and Jimdo takes care of image loading speed and quality.

Jimdo has built-in SEO optimization and analytic tools to measure the website performance. You can measure the traffic and website growth. For other extra features, go for paid plans.

Who can choose Jimdo:

  • Jimdo supports all kinds of blogs and websites
  • Who are looking for online stores
  • Websites for small business
  • Who need mobile websites


Let’s now check the Pros and Cons of using Jimdo


  • You can edit your posts easily with Jimdo app for Android and IOS
  • Most of the essential features are available in free basic plan
  • You can directly chat with your website visitors with Jimdo’s live chat app for Android users
  • Free sub-domain name and hosting
  • Detailed guidance is provided on every topic on Jimdo website
  • You can access all your websites from a single Jimdo dashboard


  • Templates are provided with restrictions
  • Less styling options for your websites

New from JImdo Dolphin: You can create tailor-made websites within minutes with Dolphin website builder. Dolphin is yet to be implemented for building online store and blogs

Jimdo Dolphin


Weebly is San-Fransico based professional website building platform. It has been featured among the top 50 websites in Time Magazine. You can get websites, Ecommerce and Marketing in one place.

Weebly is a Drag and Drop online website builder. It automatically creates a highly optimized website for mobile users. Android and IOS apps are available for updating the blog posts easily. You can add plugins to the sites with Weebly’s new release called Weebly Carbon

Weebly supports E-commerce and Blogging highly. Shop owners can integrate their sites for payment through Paypal, Stripe,

Though it offers basic features for free websites, you can upgrade to paid plans any time easily to use the advanced features.

For online stores, there is no free plan so you can check here the online store plans offered by Weebly

Who can choose Weebly:

  • Professional bloggers
  • Website or small businesses with online store
  • Who want to start their websites without any coding skills


Let’s now check the Pros and Cons of using Weebly


  • Free sub-domain and hosting
  • You can manage CNAME, A records and other important management from the Weebly dashboard
  • Websites are provided with video backgrounds
  • Built-in email marketing tool to increase your sales
  • Integrated with 200 High-quality apps to add advanced features.


  • Limited customer support
  • Moving websites from Weebly to other CMS platforms are difficult


Medium is the best platform for thinkers, storytellers, writers and bloggers. It is the child of Twitter founders. So, It looks similar to Twitter where you can directly post your ideas and get a chance to follow the like-minded people.

Here your posts are followed by the various audience and you can follow the different audience. Due to this, you can feel the great reading experience with engagement and depth viewpoints.

If you like to applaud the individuals for their work or follow more individuals, then you need to upgrade to paid plans.

Who can choose Medium:

  • Who is interested in long stories and curation
  • Niche Bloggers both personal and professional
  • People with unique views and perceptions


Let’s now check the Pros and Cons of using Medium


  • Easy to post without any coding skills
  • Automatically gains large followers by posting your ideas
  • You can easily try out if you are beginner in blogging
  • You posts are secured by Medium servers.


  • Medium Corporation owns Medium profiles so you cannot control your profile
  • All Medium profiles look same. So there is no way for you to choose your own designs and customization

Here’s the comparison among these Freemium Blogging sites

Freemium blogging comparsion

Setup your Blog/website with Paid plans:

If you are ready to spend some amount on your website/blog to look more professional, check the below sites for paid plans.


Ghost is totally focused on bloggers and it’s a better version of WordPress. It’s a powerful content platform for creating blog or publication.

You can view side-by-side both content editor screen and preview i.e. if you are typing content on the left side, it shows the preview of the content on the right side. Also, you can easily schedule your content posting with a perfect plan

You can even work with your team assigning multiple roles for authors, editors and administrators with dedicated public profiles for everyone

Check out the best paid-plan that suits your requirement.

Who can choose Ghost:               

  • If your blog is more content focused
  • Professional bloggers who want to monetize their blog
  • Blogs with large dedicated teams
  • It’s platform for blogs, magazines and journalists


Let’s now check the Pros and Cons of using Ghost


  • If you are coding geek, you can explore it more deeply
  • Ghost has desktop app for Mac, PC and Linux
  • It offers 14-days free trial without credit card
  • High security and automatic backup


  • You can use only inbuilt features, but cannot add extra plugins
  • Not customizable like WordPress.


Svtble is a minimalist platform for blogging. It is easy to curate all the ideas and gives a distraction-free experience. In Svtble dashboard, you can find your content ideas section and published posts on the two sides.

If you are drafting a post and suddenly you got an idea, then immediately you can save that idea in the dashboard for future use. Your published content will be online forever with Svbtle Promise

Who can choose Svtble:

  • Personal and hobby bloggers
  • Who are focused only on content and not visuals
  • Who are not interested in SEO rankings and social media engagement


Let’s now check the Pros and Cons of using Svbtle


  • This is totally distraction free platform for bloggers.
  • 14-day free trial, after that it charges $6 a month.


  • Less customization for SEO
  • No available tools and widgets
  • No comments allowed for blog pots


SimpleSite is good for professional bloggers with various great features. You can easily build your blog or website by choosing the category with just 3-steps. No designers, developers or webmasters are necessary to start your online presence.

It offers highly mobile-optimized websites for smartphone users. You can access your website from mobile website editor. Also, it allows editing from your mobile anytime without even using an app.

Who can choose SimpleSite:

  • Niche bloggers and personal bloggers
  • If your website requires online store for selling products
  • who needs a codeless website setup


Let’s now check the Pros and Cons of using Simplesite


  • Provides SEO friendly site with high loading speed
  • Optimized websites for PC, Tablet and mobile


  • Limited templates and designs
  • Limited Customer service support
  • Though there are no prices mentioned on the website, still it charges for going online

Here’s the comparison among these Paid Blogging sites

Paid blogging platforms comparison

If you are providing credit card details for signing up, then it’s at your own risk. Please do check all the available plans at every site before making a final decision.


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