How to start a new blog without any prior experience


I have seen many people confused on where to start writing and how to write more than 1000 words on the same topic without having any prior experience in content writing. Actually speaking blogging doesn’t require any professional writing skill and advanced English proficiency. The only point you need to focus is on expressing your ideas in an understandable way in various format. You can create your own story with creative ideas in medium level English you are comfortable with.

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Importance of integrated social media marketing with 5 case studies

Integrated Social media strategy

Social Media Marketing is an internet marketing where individuals, businesses, communities and organizations interact effectively and easily with one another online using various social networks. SMM is essential for any business to create a brand among the customers and increase the brand value with the help of social shares. Customer reviews and shares create the most valuable brand on the market. So it’s good to create a large community of potential customers by actively engaging in the social media. You

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How investing in SEO is important to your business growth

SEO boosts your sales

Let’s start with the very basic term i.e. SEO-Search Engine Optimization. Now, what is SEO and why SEO is important for any business. The name itself suggests that your website needs to be optimized to satisfy Search Engines i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu etc. SEO for any business is essential to drive organic traffic through the search engines. SEO Importance: Many businesses focus on short-term revenue and neglect the long-term benefits. So they prefer to make sales in less time

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