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What are Google Text Ads? How they help advertisers to scale their business

what is google text ads

What is Google AdWords/Ads: Google Adwords is an advertising platform of Google to help advertisers promote their products and services by increasing their brand awareness and building trust. All the promotions done here through Adwords are paid by bidding and auctions. How Google Ads are helpful: Major part of searches is occupied by Google search compared to other search engines. It’s the simple mind-set of a customer to open Google and search immediately if he doesn’t find solution to any

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Does your shared hosting package affect your SEO ranking?


Choosing the right web host for your website is more important than you think. The life of your website depends on the decision you make. Shared hosting is one of the most recommended types of hosting taking into the picture the various benefits it brings with it. Considering your ranking, Shared hosting can be a catalyst to boost your rankings, provided other factors are in place. How does your Host play a Role in your Rankings? If your search engine

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How to start a new blog without any prior experience


I have seen many people confused on where to start writing and how to write more than 1000 words on the same topic without having any prior experience in content writing. Actually speaking blogging doesn’t require any professional writing skill and advanced English proficiency. The only point you need to focus is on expressing your ideas in an understandable way in various format. You can create your own story with creative ideas in medium level English you are comfortable with.

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How to fix HTTP errors that affect SEO on your website

HTTP error

Sometimes you encounter few HTTP errors with your website. These errors can be 301,404 etc. and you wonder what are all these numbers about or how they are created. Even I had no idea why we get these types of HTTP errors on our website when I saw them at the first time. So let’s now understand here why these errors occur and if they are search-engine friendly or not. Here we focus on some important HTTP errors which we

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Importance of integrated social media marketing with 5 case studies

Integrated Social media strategy

Social Media Marketing is an internet marketing where individuals, businesses, communities and organizations interact effectively and easily with one another online using various social networks. SMM is essential for any business to create a brand among the customers and increase the brand value with the help of social shares. Customer reviews and shares create the most valuable brand on the market. So it’s good to create a large community of potential customers by actively engaging in the social media. You

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How to make an effective digital marketing sales funnel for a business

Digital Marketing sales funnel

Marketing is introducing a brand new product in the market to create awareness that such a product exists. It can be product or service or software tool or anything. Traditional marketing is reaching the people through newspaper ads, magazine ads, TV ads, banners, pamphlets etc In the same way, Digital Marketing is reaching the people through search engine ads, emails, SMS, social media etc. But Digital Marketing is more effective than traditional marketing as it targets right audience in less

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